Your personal exhibition guide.

Go ahead! Take the name apart! Look at those three elements Do, Ren and Go. They tell you what the tuomi guide is all about.

Do (English: to carry out – to perform – to make): 

Dorengo is active. Whether it is online or offline, with your own smartphone or a borrowed tablet, with or without an app, Dorengo shows you what you need to see, exactly where and when you need to see it.

Ren (Chinese: human): 

Dorengo helps you to create unforgettable, individual exhibition experiences. That is because our guides focus on the needs of the people who use them.

Go (English: to move - to lead - to perform): 

Dorengo puts people and contents into motion. A picture, text, radio play or animation is called up exactly at the place where it fits. Our guide is the perfect addition to your exhibition.

Was ist Dorengo

Who we are.

tuomi has gone from being an excellent IT service provider in 1995 to being a recognised expert for mobile and cloud applications. With tuomis patented NFC solution, we are true trailblazers. In the past decades, our expertise in the areas cloud and app development, IT service and data transmission has grown and grown. Using this expertise, we develop individual solutions for the challenges faced by our partners.

Find out more about tuomi here.

Creating a new digital experience

What every user wants is easy. Everything has to be easy to use. And everything has to add something to the exhibition. Right from the start, we have made our software intuitive. And exciting to use. So Dorengo benefits any exhibition. It takes your ideas and turns them into fascinating reality by intelligently combining different media (audio, video, text, virtual reality, augmented reality). And visitors will get so much more out of your exhibition because the guide is optimised for every device.

Der Weg zu Dorengo

How it started: "Galaxy on ICE"

tuomi has been developing its own NFC software solutions since 2009. When one of the largest smartphone manufacturers integrated the technology into its devices in 2011, we were one of the few providers in this segment. With many years of expertise in cloud computing, we were able to quickly create new innovative applications.

At the Samsung employee exhibition “Galaxy on Ice”, thousands of visitors were enthusiastic about how tuomi uses NFC. The NFC App for Kids was the successful start for tuomi's NFC technology.

dorengo - der zuverlässige Begleiter durch Ausstellungen

The first museum project

Inclusion – Dorengo can help, because it makes digital content accessible to people with disabilities.

One example is the Stadtmuseum Simeonstift Trier. After the successful introduction of a guide using only NFC, the museum decided to add further functions. Working together with the University of Applied Sciences Trier, we are now integrating a service for visually impaired visitors. And it is all being done without interrupting normal visitor operations.

Virtuell abgetaucht im Museum für Antike Schiffahrt – tuomi

Technology for more than 20,000 visitors

In 2015/16, a special joint exhibition of the Landesmuseum Schleswig-Holstein (Gottorf Castle) and the Maritime Museum Finland (Kotka) focused on life at sea. Entitled “Of Epees, Sails and Cannons” the exhibition was given additional depth through the NFC applications developed by tuomi.

There were 480 pictures, texts and videos, 180 NFC stations, 6 languages and over 1200 pages. All implemented in only 2 months. And the digital booklet replaced all previous analogue support materials. Easy, thanks to the power of our technology.

Dorengo perfectly matches content to you, your location and your device .