Fun, Fast, Informative: the tuomi NFC media station

On its own or integrated into an entire exhibition system of digital guides,  tuomi touchscreen media stations are easy to set up and easy to use. With or without NFC the media stations always add a new depth and excitement to your exhibition.

Made for every situation

The media station is the perfect combination of simplicity and convenience – both for you and for those visiting your exhibition. It starts with the fact that you have complete freedom to decide what your media station will look like and what monitor you want to have. For example, the monitor could be embedded in a wooden school desk. Or, if you want to store objects that your visitors can touch and feel, you could have a media station with lots of drawers.

To protect the monitor, we are happy to provide an impact- and break-resistant screen that does not affect the touch sensitivity of the monitor.

An example of a customer design for a tuomi NFC media station: The Trebeta painting and the legend of how the city Trier was founded, Trier City Museum 2020
An example of a customer design for a tuomi NFC media station: The Trebeta painting and the legend of how the city Trier was founded, Trier City Museum 2020

Easy content management

The tuomi content management system gives you complete freedom to choose the content you want. And it makes it easy to maintain content yourself. The centralised content management system lets you decide not just what you present, but also how you present it. And you only need an internet connection when you update the content, ensuring that the system will always run smoothly. The operation of one or more media stations is simple, for both visitors and staff, and if you want, all media stations can be switched on and off at the touch of one central button.

Inspiring and interactive

The tuomi NFC extension is a useful tool when it comes to getting your visitors involved in your exhibition. Let them touch and feel objects related to the exhibition. When they then put the object that interests them on the media station's NFC field, it automatically starts the multimedia presentation you have prepared for that object.

The specially adapted tuomi NFC Reader ensures smooth transmission of data from the NFC field to the media station and can be used with a wide variety of screens.

Made for your audience

Let your visitors access and experience your exhibition any way they want by combining the advantages of NFC operation and touchscreen. Let them explore the information via the touchscreen or the tactile objects you have prepared.
Or play to the interests of your visitors by displaying general content on the touchscreen and adding specific content which can only be accessed via the NFC tactile objects. The haptic experience allows for a deeper understanding and a more emotional access to objects than a purely audio-visual experience.

An exhibition for everyone

The tuomi media station is another powerful building block in tuomi's digital offering. By combining our digital guides and media stations, you create a multimedia and interactive experience in a class of its own. Use the NFC media stations to create playful tours for children, multilingual tours for visitors from around the world or tours that are more easily accessible to people with disabilities, the only limits are your imagination.

The invisible NFC extension leads to a unique experience for customers.