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Perfect for you

Our unique software delivers impressive results. And not just on our hardware. The content is always perfectly matched to the respective user, the device they are using and their location in the exhibition. So even if your visitors are using their own personal smartphone, they still get the full experience.

Another one of our unique selling points is the NFC chips we produce. They are a very effective addition to your exhibition. Especially when it comes to ensuring accessibility for people with a disability, the chips are a practical and cost-effective solution.

And speaking of practical: Dorengo gets by without any tangled cables. All devices are delivered fully equipped with comfortable Bluetooth on-ear headphones.

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Made for everyone

Once they have been created, all language versions and all special tours, such as tours for children, or tours for visually impaired people in simplified language, can be accessed via any device. Multimedia content is displayed with pinpoint accuracy on both rental and personal devices. Dorengo requires no prior knowledge or experience and is so simple to use all your visitors will be thrilled.

And Dorengo will help you too, because it gives you access to detailed usage statistics, letting you see what is particularly well received by your visitors.


Individual Concepts

Every exhibition is different. Rooms, infrastructure and financial possibilities set the framework for the multimedia guide. Dorengo can be optimally adapted to your requirements. Because we use a fail-safe system that is infinitely scalable and easy to maintain. For you, that means that Dorengo can be used by any number of visitors simultaneously on different devices in different languages.

The system gives you full control at all times. You can enter the simple content management system and make updates yourself any time you think it is necessary.


Make It Big

As important as budgets are for the control of individual projects, the difficulties associated with them are equally important. What if the budget for this year is already exhausted, but you would like to integrate additional functions? It's good that Dorengo is based on the modular principle. You choose the functions you need for your exhibition. Retrofitting functions at a later date is simple, quick and inexpensive. And if you are happy with Dorengo, then of course, you can also conveniently add entire exhibitions.


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