The NFC Travelling Museum

Take selected exhibits from your museum right to your audience – along with all the colourful, exciting stories that go with it. It is so easy to do with tuomi’s digital NFC Travelling Museum, a secure travelling case for your exhibits that is also an exciting, close-up, multimedia experience.

The NFC Travelling Museum is beautifully versatile. The case will easily transport a museum experience in any number of languages, or various stories adapted to the age of your audience, or whatever else you may want or need. And it is easy to use. Simply place the object you have selected on the NFC marker to automatically start an exciting virtual journey. And with the screen integrated into the lid of the case, everything you need is right there.

With tuomi's proven and patent pending technology, you create an inclusive, interactive offer that will grab your audience’s attention. That makes it an excellent addition to your range of cultural education services.

Especially at a time when the Corona pandemic is affecting many areas of life, this digital museum suitcase can be a valuable aid. True to the motto #closedbutopen, you can get people excited about your exhibitions regardless of any restrictions. The travelling museum is great for use in:

  • Schools
  • Day care centres
  • Adult educational institutions
  • Nursing homes and homes for the elderly
  • Day care facilities

Inspiring young and old

The museum case is for everyone. You can adapt the contents to perfectly suit the needs of a wide range of groups. And since you take it to your audience, it helps to overcome barriers that often exist. And it certainly fires up the interest in what else your museum has to offer.

Just like with our digital guides, our patent pending technology and simple content management system make it easy to use. After a short tutorial, your employees will be able to update and maintain the content themselves.

Simple with NFC

With NFC, data is transmitted by touch. This makes the operation of the case self-explanatory: place an object on the NFC mark and you start an exciting virtual journey on the screen which is integrated into the case lid. For example, tell an interesting story about The Chinese New Year.

Flexible content

With its fully functional content management system, you can adapt the content so that it is precisely tailored to your target group. Whether for school classes, groups of senior citizens, people with disabilities or adults, the Travelling Museum case always hits the mark.

Many languages

The Travelling Museum case lets you store content in foreign languages or in simplified language. To meet the needs of your audience you can also store content in different degrees of complexity. To select the version you want, all you have to do is quickly scan the enclosed card.

Interactive and inclusive

Inclusive, barrier-free and participatory: that approach is the DNA of the NFC Travelling Museum case. And this hands-on approach is further enhanced through a range of interesting digital content. The choice is yours.

Long runtime

The built-in screen delivers beautiful, high-resolution images, videos and text. And you can be sure that your presentation will always run smoothly. The energy-saving NFC technology and the case’s high-quality components give you a long runtime. And because the case is self-contained, there is no need to worry about annoying internet connections during your presentation.

Robust quality

The sturdy case is perfect for use on the road or for shipping. Even during transport over longer distances, the touch screen in the lid and the materials are optimally protected.

If you have any individual wishes, e.g. a larger screen, we will be happy to provide you with an offer that takes those into account.

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