The Chinese New Year in the NFC Travelling Case

The Chinese New Year in the NFC Travelling Case

The tuomi digital travelling museum combines physical objects and additional digital information. Especially during Corona, the practical case is a useful addition to museums, national parks and other institutions with exhibitions.

You can read about the ideas we had in mind when developing the travelling case in our latest blog article about the NFC Travelling Museum.

Let me explain the basic principle briefly: There are various objects stored inside the case. Each object has an NFC chip somewhere. When one object is placed on the NFC field in the case the digital content is automatically played on the screen that is integrated into the case. The content is managed via our established browser-based CMS and of course, the travelling museum can be used offline.

What exactly can you do with our NFC Travelling Museum? In this blog article, we are happy to present some ideas around today's holiday: Chinese New Year.
A playful and entertaining journey through an important part of Chinese cultural history can start with the travelling museum.

New Year's Greetings

Many rituals focus on having more luck in the New Year. Encourage creative thinking and active engagement with the contents of the exhibition with guessing games:

If an object is placed on the NFC surface, there is additional information on how this object is used in a ritual. But this is not true all the time, sometimes the information is made up. The users log in their answer on the screen and then receive immediate feedback if they have guessed correctly. If the answer was wrong, the correct answer is shown and explained.

Der NFC Museumskoffer mit Quiz

The monster in the video

A legend says that a man-eating monster comes out of the mountains every year. An object of this monster can be found in the museum case. If the monster is placed on the NFC field, a video is played on the screen that explains this legend. This could be a video like this on the YouTube channel of The Little Genius Workshop.

Colourful food to cook yourself

The colours red and gold chase away the New Year's monster. It is only logical that these colours are also particularly important for food. For example, Chinese jujube ("Chinese date") is particularly popular - because it is deeply red. Many delicious dishes can be easily recreated by following the recipe in the museum case.

A picture of the finished meal is displayed on the screen, along with various information points with numbers from 1-10. If the first point is clicked, the first part of the recipe opens. In addition, a picture is shown of what the result of this step should look like at the end. In this way, delicious cooking is done step by step with smart guidance.

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