Our NFC Multimedia Guides

At tuomi we bring things together. That is how we get the best possible solution for you and your customers. Experienced exhibition designers come together with brilliant programmers and talented craftsmen.

And we have developed hardware specifically for use in exhibitions and guided tours. We started with a single 10-inch tablet model. Today we have tablets available in four different sizes as well as a stand with integrated touch screen. This ensures a high degree of accessibility for almost all visitor groups.

Der NFC Multimedia Guide von tuomi

Everything you want is right here

Dorengo is not just a digital guide, it is also an exciting supplement to your exhibition. Work with the natural limitations of space in your exhibition and then go on to show all the other exhibits you want or need to show. Dorengo is the key that lets your visitors open up new doors to exciting stories, useful background information and fun trivia for an all-round successful visit.

The operation is so intuitive that the digital and analogue experience become one. One single system addresses all visitor groups individually and provides them with everything they would expect from a modern information and guidance system.

The content of the guide is completely under your control. After a short breifing on the easy to use content management system, your staff will be able to update and maintain the content themselves. And because everything is stored on our very own servers, you have access to it 24/7.

Der 6'' NFC Multimedia Guide von tuomi

6'' NFC  Guide

For many people, the smartphone has become an indispensable part of their everyday lives. That makes the 6 inch guide seem so natural to your visitors. It is a comfortable, light and flexible companion that is protected from damage by a robust protective cover.

Dorengo der digitale Guide - im 8" Format

8'' NFC Guide

If you want to offer your visitors a slightly larger display, you can use the 8 inch guides. Pictures and videos become much more intense. Practical carrying straps make it easy to carry around and prevent it from being dropped accidentally.

Dorengo der digitale Guide - im 10" Format

10'' NFC Guide

The 10”-unit presents amazingly vivid images. The larger screen size opens up further uses such as working with sliders to illustrate changes in the cityscape. And despite its size, it is so light that longer use is still fun and easy.

dorengo - NFC Medienstation

NFC Media Station

Media stations are great as central contact points in your exhibition and can be used alone or in combination with other devices. The Brockenhaus Visitor Centre uses this combination to offer its visitors a special multimedia experience.

Ausstellungsguide Dorengo - Bring your own device

Bring Your Own Device

Simply pull out a mobile phone and get started. Using the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) solution lets your visitors get straight into your exhibition. They don't even have to install an app. And of course, you can combination BYOD with rental devices and/or media stations any way you like.

Bluetooth Kopfhörer - Dorengo der digitale Ausstellungs-Guide

Bluetooth Headphones

Simple operation applies not only to guides, but also to headphones. These are comfortable to wear and are already connected to the appropriate device when delivered. Hygiene is simple too: the ear cup only rests on the ear and can be cleaned quickly.

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