Digital door opener for chapels in the diocese of Trier: project starts with church in Igel

Digital door opener for chapels in the diocese of Trier: project starts with church in Igel

Have you ever experienced this? On a hike or a walk, you pass a chapel and you ask yourself: What kind of place is this? Is there something exciting to see or learn here? But there is no information board, the door is locked and you can't even look inside. Corona and the restrictions that came with the pandemic have exacerbated the problem. People are much more likely to go hiking, walking, cycling but cultural venues are often closed.Not to mention the cancellation of cultural events at such places, which were previously often the only opportunity to visit and learn about them.

Digital signage of "cultural chapels"

KEB Trier now wants to counteract this situation with its new project and has started a digital signposting of "cultural chapels" with us. The chapel of St. Dionysius in Igel was chosen as a pilot project. The local „Förderverein Alte Kirche Igel e.V.“ and especially the chairman of the association, Dr. Hans-Werner Weisskircher, were always ready to provide any support as project partners.

The realisation of this exciting project was not only made possible by the commitment of those involved in the project, but also the financial support from the emergency aid programme „Kirchturmdenken“ funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Exciting additional information on the mobile phone

A plate with a QR code and NFC field will be placed on site, prompting visitors to scan it. If this happens, a page opens on the smartphone with the corresponding information about the chapel.

Those responsible for the project can edit this content at any time, e.g. adjust contact details or opening hours, but also add new information. The content is edited via an intuitive editorial system, so that new offers can be created within a very short time. It is also possible to add content in other languages. The number of chapels with digital signage can also be expanded at any time. This means that the system can be used sustainably and in the long term by KEB Trier.

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