Dorengo, the NFC multimedia guide

A patented solution for every challenge

tuomi has applied for a patent for its NFC solution that helps creating a customer experience that is specifically tailored to the needs of each individual location. tuomi brings together experts in exhibition design with gifted programmers and talented craftsmen. We create a guide that fits your specific needs. And our guides are always durable, easy to maintain and simple to use, both for visitors and staff.

tuomi has been renowned for quality and long-term satisfaction right from our beginnings in 1995. We are trusted partners in various business fields, so that economic turbulences do us little harm. You can be sure that tuomi will set up your exhibition guide, maintain it and then quickly and easily integrate further projects into the existing system whenever you need it.

Dorengo der Multimediaguide - moderne Ausstellungen mit NFC

NFC expert with a flexible tool box

tuomi is one of the leading providers of NFC solutions. And we have many years of expertise in designing exhibitions and implementing marketing campaigns. Our intuitive solutions ensure that multimedia offers are barrier-free. We can design virtual reality installations in an inclusive way by combining different media to create an all-encompassing concept.

Hard- & Software des NFC Multimediaguide

Perfect fit

We manufacture our own hardware and software. The in-depth knowledge that we bring to our systems means that we build them so that they work together to deliver optimal performance and integrate smoothly with the existing infrastructure. Just as all the transmission technologies that we use work together smoothly as well. Thanks to the simple operation, your older and younger visitors can look forward to an unforgettable and completely new experience.

Ausstellungs-Guide mit kabellosem Komfort

Easy administration

The easy-to-use management system allows you to determine precisely what information you present where. In addition to the initial setup, extensions and updates are also possible at any time without any problems.

For your staff, lengthy installations are a thing of the past: We take care of the initial setup even before dispatch.

Advantages for you and your visitors

Intuitive Eindrücke


Your visitors receive some very special impressions through the multimedia possibilities and through the playfully knowledge transfer.

Digitale Räume


Exploit the full potential your exhibition offers. Integrate your exhibits digitally and create one-of-a-kind encounters.

Individuelles Erlebnis


Everyone uses one info point to access different contents: children watch a video and parents hear an in-depth audio file.

Dorengo ist Flexibel


Dorengo offers you the creative freedom to combine digital and analogue access to create the best experience.

Some cool examples

Zufriedene Partner

What others say about us

"The high level of acceptance, especially among older visitors, surprised and delighted me."

Erik Tirkkonen, Maritimes Museum Finnland

"In my opinion, these highly innovative offers for barrier-free museums design are truly unique."

Matthias Rösch, State Disability Ombudsman, Rheinland-Pfalz

"The networking of exhibits, content and multimedia is simultaneously a part of the staging of the exhibition."

Dr. Bleile, Landesmuseum Schloss Gottorf